We supply and erect a variety of fence panels of various sizes, including solid panels, trellises and trellis topped solid fence panels. The following list shows prices for items we stock, if there is no corresponding price or size shown please contact us for a quotation. This price list was compiled in January 2007 and may be subject to change.

If you do not see the item you require please telephone or submit a question using our contact form here.

Prices were correct as of 2 April 2014 and may be subject to change.

Prices include VAT @ 20%

Lap Fence and Trellis Price List

All fence and trellis panels are priced per 6 foot length.
Feather Fence Panel£38£35£34   
Lap Fence Panel£23.00£22£19£18£16.00 
Bow Trellis£28£24.50£22.50£20.00£17.50£15.50
Fence Panel with Trellis£27.50£26.50£25.00£24.00  
Fence Panel with Bow Trellis£30.00£28.00£27.00£25.00  
Picket Fence Round top or point  £24.00£20.50£18 


4 X 4 inches£12.00£11.00£10.00
3 X 3 inches£10.00£9.50£9.00

Feather edge fencing constructed on-site

An alternative to using fence panels is to construct a feather edge fence on-site, for this you require one post plus one post for each 6 to 8 foot of length and three rails between each post to attach the feather edge boards.

As a guide a typical run using 4 X 4 inch posts and 6ft high Feather Edge boards will cost £29 per meter for materials. If you would prefer us to construct the fence the cost is £55 per meter for materials and labour.

 3x2 inches (2.4 m)
Rail Cost7.00

Feather Edge Boards

5 inch Feather Edge Boards1.201.00

Gravel Boards

 6x1 inches (3 m)
Board Cost£6.00

All prices include VAT @ 20%

Fencing Accessories

We supply a full range of fencing accessories, for an example of what you may need click the fencing accessories image, below.

Timber Prices

Tongue & Groove£1.65
50mm X 30mm Frame£1.50

Sawn Posts

3" X 2"£2.00 per meter
4" X 2"£2.70 per meter
6" X 2"£5.00 per meter
22mm X 100mm£1.20 per meter
25mm X 150mm£1.80 per meter

Product Examples

Feather Panel
Lap Panel
Straight Trellis
Concave Bow Trellis
Straight Trellis